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The Bombay Club offers traditional charm and Georgian splendor, capturing the characteristics of the old clubs of India. Tropical, botanical, Bollywood themed and royal inspired. 


Our acclaimed chef has drawn inspiration from all over the world, seamlessly synthesizing the familiar and the unknown to form daringly bold flavours and class. The carefully-crafted menu accentuates the uniquely exquisite flavours that have come to define Bombay Club - Showcasing a love of dishes from both the royal kitchens of Northern India and the coastal cuisine from Southern states, exploring pan-Indian flavours using a range of authentic cooking techniques. The finest of India, utilizing only the best quality ingredients.


A premier and authentic Indian Restaurant with oak panelled Lounge & Bar that is proud to serve Lincolnshire and beyond. Our mission is to provide high-quality food for all those that wish to combine fun and enjoyable ambiance with skillful cooking into one extraordinary dining experience.

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49 Wide Bargate, Boston, PE21 6SH

01205 500041

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Opening Hours

Monday: 5.00pm - 11.00pm

Tuesday: 5.00pm - 11.00pm

Wednesday: 5.00pm - 11.00pm

Thursday: 5.00pm - 11.00pm

Friday: 5.00pm - 12.00am

Saturday: 5.00pm - 12.00am

Sunday: 5.00pm - 11.00pm